Twilight Struggle World Rankings as of August 1, 2012

Since the official AREA rankings are not published yet on the website listed on my Links page, I decided to publish them myself here. Stefan Mecay, 5 times World Champion, still leads the ranking, although he took a 1 year break. However, Riku Riekkinen, last season’s Wargameroom League finalist jumped to the second place. We find Paul Huntley, the ETSL season 1 champion, and Gabor Foldes, winner of the Wargameroom League, on places 12 and 13. Best ETSL member is still Justin Kitt on the 9th place. He’s also the actual Ladder champion and still in the running to successfully defend his title against Kyle Smith. You can download the actual list here: TWS AREA as of 8-1-12 pre WBC.

Please note that the WBC and the season 2 ETSL results (including the last season 1 match) are not rated yet. Yellow marked players are ETSL participants, green marked players are past ETSL participants. Players without rated matches (like some new ETSL participants) are not listed yet.


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