Statistics subleague phase season 2 ETSL

In the subleague phase 73 matches have been played, all with optional cards.

Let’s first have a look at the number of victories of both sides:

Without extra IP for US (32 matches): 13 USSR victories, 19 US victories
1 extra IP to US (41 matches): 19 USSR victories, 21 US victories, 1 tie

Interesting, based on this numbers it’s better for the US not to get extra IP. Any reason for a game balance discussion? 😉

Then, in which turn did the games end?

Turn 1: 0 matches; turn 2: 1 match; turn 3: 8 matches; turn 4: 6 matches; turn 5: 9 matches; turn 6: 3 matches; turn 7: 7 matches; turn 8: 8 matches; turn 9: 12 matches; turn 10: 10 matches; Final Scoring: 9 matches (1 tie)

Nice, loads of long matches. Interesting to see that few games end in turn 6…

And which victory types did we see?

Final Scoring: 9 matches (1 tie); 20 points: 37 matches; Concede after crash: 1 match; Europe Control: 1 match; Nuclear War (scoring card left): 1 match; Nuclear War (time): 5 matches; Nuclear War (DEFCON 1): 10 matches; Wargames: 9 matches

Beautifully spread. The Europe Control victory of Brad versus Koen has been the most spectacular probably.

When I’ve got more time, I’ll produce even more statistics!

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