Fabian Mainzer reaches last 4 in ETSL

To his own surprise Fabian Mainzer from Germany defeated Daniël Hogetoorn in the decisive match of the best of 3 quarter finals of the ETSL. A very timely played Cuban Missile Crisis (USSR didn’t control Cuba and Fidel was in US hand) gave the Americans a free route into the Americas and Africa. When North and South…

Tijs de Kler second semi finalist ETSL

With a convincing soviet win over Robert-Jan Zwiers, Tijs de Kler from Holland secured his place within the last 4, where he will meet southern neighbor Bill Hollebeke. Check the ETSL page for detailed rankings and results.

Jarek Moc successfully defends #1 position in TS Ladder

Following an exciting struggle, Jarek Moc from Poland, playing USSR, defeated Dutchman Daniël Hogetoorn in turn 8. Jarek kept the pressure high continuously by dominating Asia and Middle East, while Daniël tried to score his points in Europe and Africa. In the Americas several fights took place, but a real winner couldn’t be determined. In turn 8…

Gerlof Pielage wins first day of TS Convention

After 3 impressive victories versus Daniël Hogetoorn, Robert-Jan Zwiers and Bjorn von Knorring, Gerlof Pielage took the first day prize of the weekend. With two victories Daniël Hogetoorn, Jarek Moc and  Bjorn von Knorring are following to compete for the overall rankings. See the TS Convention page for more information.