Fabian Mainzer first finalist ETSL!

German Fabian Mainzer is the first one to reach the final of the second season of the ETSL after a surprisingly easy 2-0 victory over Polish Jarek Moc. Fabian will play the winner of the series between Tijs de Kler and Bill Hollebeke, while Jarek will meet the loser to compete for the bronze position.

Match report of the winner:

“A very exciting match, the Soviets had it all up for them but Jarek managed to ditch both SA America and Africa scoring in turn 8 and came very close to Wargames victory or draw with some successful space race rolls (the Americans were one space away from Mars with the Soviets back at square one), but in the end he didn’t have the Wargames card. Still a very exciting game with an influence battle for Japan which I have never seen before in any of my games. The USSR in the end won soundly in final scoring (control of Middle East and South America, domination of Africa and Central America, Asia tied and Europe for the US). Again, Jarek was a bit unlucky with the card distribution, though the game was not as lopsided as the one before.”


One thought on “Fabian Mainzer first finalist ETSL!

  1. only one comment:
    both games till turn 6 a had maybe four 4 ops card, and no important events, I didint remember so many such unlucky games. I one moments was 22 vs 6 BG control.
    Good luck Fabian.

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