Justin Kitt also defends his ETSL status versus Tim Bina

After taking over the ETSL Ladder Championship in round 2, Justin Kitt defended his number 1 position versus American Tim Bina as well. Kitt: ” USSR: Justin, 32:51, winner; US: Tim, 20:40; Victory by autovictory (-21VP) on turn 6.1: an interesting game, first turn saw the USSR Purged but the US had a very low op hand preventing them taking advantage – the USSR returned the favour by Red Scare-ing the US on turn 3. The first two turns saw extensive coup action in SE Asia non-BGs, with both turn 2 & 3 starting at Defcon 5! Socialist Governments saw a USSR Domination score of Europe and later a coup eventually resulted in USSR control of Italy as well. The USSR was also ahead in Africa, which combined with a Dominated Middle East, OPEC, We Will Bury You & general control of the scoring cards over the game ultimately resulted in victory, as the US never managed to put together a Domination score on the board. Tim, thanks for the game! I look forward to playing you again on the Ladder in the future.”

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