Online Twilight Struggle World Championships 2015 start today

17 participants, almost all with a far above average AREA rating will compete for the third online Twilight Struggle World Championship. Among them the winner and the runner-up of the face-2-face tournament in Warsaw 2 weeks ago Polish Ziemowit Pazderski and Wojciech Pietrzak. After one year of absence former World Champion and current Polish Champion Janusz Wójciak will be there, too. Furthermore, top players Jedrzej Gasiorowski, Tim Bina, Nick Doumpas, Anthony Shaheen and Daniel Dunbring will take on the challenge to win the prestigious title this year. Three players will make their debut in an official Championship or league. Will they surprise the experienced players?

The World Championships will last for 2 days (starting at noon GMT on both days) and can be followed on the Online TS World Championships page on this website!


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