Ziemowit Pazderski Online Twilight Struggle World Champion 2015!

After winning the face-2-face tournament in Warsaw, Polish nr. 3 of the world Ziemowit Pazderski also won the Online World Championships. He won 7 of his 8 games, only losing from Anthony Shaheen from the USA. Since Anthony could win the tournament by defeating former World Champion and current Polish Champion Janusz Wójciak, the tournament was exciting until the bitter end as this match was the last to be finished. Current nr. 2 of the world, Charles Robinson from Canada, ended up third and debutant Michael Stryker from the USA became 4th. Janusz Wójciak finished on 5th place. Although I didn’t calculate the new AREA ratings yet, I expect that Ziemowit will be close or even on the nr. 1 position in the next list!


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