Bill Wycherley defeats nr. 1 of the world Ziemowit Pazderski in ETSL

Finally, Ziemowit Pazderski from Poland succeeded in conquering the top position of the ETSL Ladder, when he met Bill Wycherley from the U.K. In an apparently spectacular match Bill won and is the Ladder leader for the first time!

Bill’s report: “Wycherley played USA+2 and Won T8.3 with Wargames (+2VP after event) against Ziemowit USSR
Standard Rules and Time
Wycherley 58.08 and Ziemowit 32.44

Ziemowit had a rough start (being T1 purged and then having to play CIA T2 with a low ops hand (as China was played T1) ) and was down around 10VP going into Mid War but then played superbly and going into Late War would have won but for Wargames.”

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