On this page I will publish the results of the United Friends Diplomacy games, played online. The first one is to start in a few days. Would you like to take part in new games or receive information, please let me know.

Results United Friends #1: 1. Berend Brock (Italy) and Gerlof Pielage (Russia), 3. Richard Hogetoorn (England), Evert Nugteren (Germany), Bas Iking (Turkey) and Daniël Hogetoorn (Austria/Hungary), 7. Robert-Jan Zwiers (France)

United Friends #2 can be followed on http://www.playdiplomacy.com/game_play_details.php?game_id=51604


1. Berend Brock 3
1. Gerlof Pielage 3
3. Daniël Hogetoorn 1
3. Richard Hogetoorn 1
3. Bas Iking 1
3. Evert Nugteren 1
7. Robert-Jan Zwiers 0

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