Online TS World Championships 2016 start tomorrow!

From tomorrow 37 participants from all over the world will compete with each other to become the fourth online Twilight Struggle World Champion. All former champions are present and we also welcome the last WBC winner, David Amidon. A very tough field guarantees an exciting tournament. Only the 16 best players of Saturday will proceed…

Tomas Tvaroh leads after first day of TS Convention!

After 4 exciting rounds of Twilight Struggle Tomas Tvaroh from the Czech Republic is the proud leader. Of course there are still 4 matches to play tomorrow, so nothing is decided yet. Daniël Hogetoorn from the Netherlands and Nick Doumpas from Greece are currently numbers 2 and 3. Tomorrow more. See the TS Convention page…

TS Convention about to start!

The welcome party is finished, all paricipants are off for a good sleep to be able to perform well at the fourth international Twilight Struggle tournament in Thessaloniki. Participant list and probable pairings have been created. You can follow the results live on the TS Convention page on this website!

Földes Gábor Hungarian champion 2015

After 4 exciting rounds Földes Gábor, who occupies the 7th place on the world rankings, won the first Hungarian Twilight Struggle Championships in Szolnok. Daniël Hogetoorn, who only lost from Gábor, became runner-up, while Sárosi Ádám took the bronze medal. Detailed results can be found on the Hungarian Championships page.

David Amidon and Jedrzej Gasiorowski win WBC and WGR League, Ziemowit Pazderski number 1 of the world!

Lots of nice Twilight Struggle finals in the last months. The official face-2-face world championships in the USA was surprisingly won by David Amidon, who defeated well-known opponents like George Young, Randy Pippus and former nr. 1 of the world Riku Riekkinen! In the Wargameroom league finals Jedrek Gasiorowski defeated online World Champion Ziemowit Pazderski,…