At this page you can follow the results of the Twilight Struggle games played by e-mail. Most of them use the amazing spreadsheet, written by Troy Davis. If you would like to try it, below you find the latest version. You can also join us, just let us know.


Gerlof Pielage – Daniël Hogetoorn: 13,5 – 10,5
Robert-Jan Zwiers – Daniël Hogetoorn: 12 – 12
Gerlof Pielage – Robert-Jan Zwiers: 3 – 2
Simon O’Keeffe – Daniël Hogetoorn: 3 – 2
Scott Pagliaroni – Daniël Hogetoorn: 7 – 11
Scott Pagliaroni – Gerlof Pielage: 2 – 1
Fredrik Jonsson – Daniël Hogetoorn: 0 – 1
Francis Prentice – Daniël Hogetoorn: 0 – 1

The latest version of the spreadsheet: TS_Game_Engine_v492

An overview of the TS games played: United Friends TS scores

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