Kyle Smith defends TS Ladder title successfully!

After an exciting 10 round match Kyle Smith defeated Mike Rensink with a final score of 13 VP, which brings him to the 16th position on the AREA rankings. In a few weeks Launch 23 will start. Kyle will play Jarek Moc to stay on top of the Ladder. I will play Bill Peeck trying…

ABK 2013 in “De 2 Klaveren” after all!

Although we are with only 15 or 16 participants, games pub “De 2 Klaveren” mailed me to let me know that we are very welcome anyway. And who am I to say “No” to this offer. So, once again we will play at this wonderful location. More information on the ABK page.

New TS AREA rankings published

The new Twilight Struggle AREA rankings have been generated. The list below consists of all rated matches until the end of 2012 and contains only the top 25, (former and future) ETSL participants and the last 10. Matches played in January are not yet included. The full list can be found on the AREA website…

Justin Kitt wins subleague 1 of ETSL

After his fast victory over Andre Heller, Justin Kitt is certain to hold pole position in subleague 1 of the ETSL. Although season 2 is just in the preparation phase for the exciting playoff finals, which will be played from June until September 2013, Justin created a nice starting point for them.