A collection of links to various interesting gaming and statistics pages.


Twilight Struggle strategy blog: contains loads of deep card and tactics analysis:

Area ratings: Twilight Struggle rankings by Area rating. All matches played on official tournaments, like the Ladder, ETSL and WBC, are recorded on this list. May be seen as unofficial world rankings:

The Ladder: one of the most interesting Twilight Struggle competitions online. Hosted by Ron Jocobsen and played via ACTS:

Wargameroom league: the biggest online Twilight Struggle League. This website also features other leagues:


ACTS: turn and journal based platform for playing several tabletop games online, including Age of Renaissance and Twilight Struggle. Build-in card tracking and die rolling. Rules knowledge required:

Wargameroom: online application to play several wargames, including Twilight Struggle, live against eachother. Rules knowledge not required. Keeps track of used thinking time per player:

Boardgamegeek: the most important games community and database on the net:

Brettspielwelt: German live boardgaming site:

Online Through the Ages:

Online Agricola:

Gourmet Gaming: turnbased gaming platform:

Online Diplomacy with human GM:

Online web based implementation of Diplomacy:

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