Denis Larocque stays ETSL Ladder Champion

In an exciting Final Scoring match against Dutchman Gerlof Pielage, Canadian Denis Larocque was the first player since Justin Kitt who succeeded in defending his ETSL Ladder title. He will now face Czech Rostislav Krhut, who surprised himself by reaching the Championship match. For more details, see the ETSL page! Advertisements

Ioan Angelo Mitiu new ETSL Ladder Champion

After sitting on the throne for 3 consecutive rounds, English Twilight Struggle expert Justin Kitt met a stronger opponent in Rumanian Ioan Angelo Mitiu. In a well-fought Final Scoring game, Ioan managed to defeat Justin’s Russians by 6 VP. Ioan: “I managed to defeat Justin at final scoring (VP +6 if I remember well). It…

Justin Kitt also defends his ETSL status versus Tim Bina

After taking over the ETSL Ladder Championship in round 2, Justin Kitt defended his number 1 position versus American Tim Bina as well. Kitt: ” USSR: Justin, 32:51, winner; US: Tim, 20:40; Victory by autovictory (-21VP) on turn 6.1: an interesting game, first turn saw the USSR Purged but the US had a very low…

Statistics ETSL after season 1 and 2

After Alban Ullrich’s resignation, season 2 is now officially closed. Time to have a look at the statistics. In season 2 126 matches (144 in season 1) have been played: 3 ties, 68 US victories and 55 USSR victories (resp. 1, 70 and 73 in season 1). Let’s see how they were divided: No optionals,…

Season 3 of ETSL started!

Although one season 2 match has to be played still, season 3 of the ETSL started already. 32 players entered the new Ladder format and by now 11 matches have been finished already. See the ETSL page for details.